Smart Sanitation

We conceive innovative products and solutions that effectively meet the challenges that our customers face. We are constantly developing new prototypes and solutions with our technologically refined knowledge.

We support the up-to-date knowledge and professional approaches of our employees, who are the heart of the company, with our technological investments. Our products are always delivered with high quality, ergonomic design and modern aspect. We are proud to be able to offer integrated solutions to our most demanding customers by producing only 1st class products.

We offer to our customers a complete service from solution, planning, engineering, consulting and after sales support as a customer-oriented solution. In order to increase the appreciation and trust of our business partners, we deliver high added value, quality products and services to our customers.

To be a global brand in sanitation and disinfection systems industry.


To meet the needs and expectations of our customers and other stakeholders by producing environmentally sensitive, competitive products and services, and to contribute to the healthy living of the society by eliminating the epidemics and harmful bacteria.

Production Technology:

Blu Engineers production technology is continuously updated based on the latest developments in the sector. All components are manufactured according to design and quality requirements. The compliance of the material properties with the design requirements is confirmed. Accurately executed final processing operations are performed before the assembly, all parts are prepared to the assembly line with a rigorous operation, fully aligned with the project. The assembled components are controlled by simulating the actual working conditions by means of wear tests. Products are delivered to the end user after subjected to various tests under different operating conditions.

Industrial Design:
Blu Studio designs innovative and strategic valuable  products by taking power from Blu Engineers Pvt Ltd. experience and dynamism. Customer expectations and market trends are shaping the user-oriented design approach adopted by our design studio. At the basis of this approach, Smart Sanitation has the aim of creating the most hygienic environment for its customers. The aim in the "SMART SANITATION" philosophy is to locate Blu Engineers customers in a more special position than other system users and to create a more privileged and high-level hygiene during using Blu Engineers systems.

R & D
Blu Engineers contributes to the world of science and innovations in the sanitation systems sector. Ongoing researches covers a wide range of design topics.

Many People are working on introducing similar product in India. However, we have attention to ensure stringent product quality including safe material,durability and also safety of people using it. Our disinfection tunnel adheres to strict practice as per ISO standards, making it unique.Our Product have a legal warranty of 12 months and it doesn't require any special maintenance.


Soon our integrated transportation system in many cities will install such sanitation Tunnels at places in order to serve the public and help them to fight the PANDEMIC of COVID-19. We genuinely believe that in thses times of crises, our Disinfecting Tunnel can make a huge difference in the lives of billion people. Safety is our right and with our Disinfection Tunnel we can stay safe even when we are not at home.

Our Nation and the world are working against the recent Covid-19 virus threat. Our disinfection solution is our contribute to the nation to fight this battle.

Our Process









Our Quality Guarantee

Many people are working on introducing similar product in India. However, we have attention to ensure stringent product quality, including safe material, durability also safety of people using it. Our disinfection Tunnel adheres to strict practice as per ISO standards. Making it unique Our Product have a legal warranty of 12 months and it doesn't require any special maintenance.

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